As most of you know, I have travelled extensively throughout South East Asia. After being asked to lead a trip many times by several different people, we finally decided to give it a shot. In June of 2011 Apple and I organized and completed our first Thailand Tour. Between the both of us, we have a lot of experience. Apple has a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Tourism Management from Kasetsart University in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand and she lived and worked for two large hotels in Had Sai Khao, Koh Chang. Myself… I simply have real world travel experience with 25 trips to Thailand under my belt since 2003. We have the contacts, guides, no language barriers and resources in place to put on some really great package tours. Our specialty is jungle trekking and observing wildlife but we really have no limits in what we can arrange. Tours will include everything except food and long-haul flights between your country and Thailand. Upon arrival we will meet you at the airport and from there on out you are basically worry free as we will have everything pre-arranged. If you have a small group or some dates in mind, please inquire. We have no solid date set for our next tour. If there is something you are interested in doing we are certainly open to ideas.

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June 2011 highlight video (available in HD):

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