All animals sold are guaranteed healthy and feeding. I take extra care in making sure that all animals sold are eating and thriving in a manner in which I am positive that they will continue to do so for a new owner. Any discrepancies will be fully revealed and explained prior to sale. Clear and accurate photos will be provided for every animal sold to ensure that the buyer is fully aware of what is being purchased. Please be advised that some images may differ slightly in color or tone from monitor to monitor but a complete description (via phone or email) may be provided by request.

Shipping is generally done at buyers request depending on what is being sent and it’s value. I am a certified live animal shipper with FedEx, they have been very reliable carriers in my past experience. Other carriers may be used at buyers request. Delta Air Cargo may be used for high dollar shipments. However, Delta is generally avoided as it is very difficult at times to get a package accepted.

All shipping is done weather permitting and insulated boxes may be used along with heat packs when necessary. Live arrival is always guaranteed but shipments must be received on the first delivery attempt and notification of any DOA must be provided within three(3) hours of delivery. I will NOT be held responsible for delivery delays where the receiving party failed to accept the package on the first delivery attempt.

Payment must be made prior to any transfer of animals. I accept cash, money orders, credit cards and certified bank checks. Payments may be made via Paypal, which includes the use of credit cards. Deposits and payment plans will be handled on an individual basis.

Trade offers are always welcome, however, I am not necessarily¬†a re-seller so I won’t always accept anything and everything that comes my way. References can be provided by request. Anyone that has dealt with me in the past knows that my communication is number one. I check my email very often and I will advise buyers of receipt of funds, shipping information and tracking numbers.

I provide full customer support. Husbandry is the key factor when purchasing healthy, established animals. When placing a thriving animal into an environment using incorrect or poor husbandry, this will have a negative impact. Most problems can be averted early on by asking questions and correcting them quickly so do not hesitate to contact me…

I look forward to doing business with you in the future and adding new names to my ever growing list of happy customers.

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