February is almost over and I have a number of projects that are looking good. Starting with a follow-up to my Bar-neck Scrub python video, she ovulated Feb. 25th so fingers crossed for a nice, healthy clutch of amethystines.

Another first time project for me was my Elaphe porphyracea coxi. I raised this pair from babies and this was her first clutch. Seven healthy eggs were laid on Feb. 20th.

I have a few little ball python projects this season. First clutch already incubating was YB pastel x pastel. I have two more gravid girls. One is YB pastel x faded proven normal and the other is black pastel x pastel. I am still waiting for solid indicators on a couple remaining pairings.

I also have a stash of inverts that I have been messing with. I bred this Pamphobeteus nigricolor(Blue bloom bird-eater) as well. I raised this pair from ‘slings. After six introductions, the female ate her mate 🙁 However, judging by the size of her abdomen, things look promising.

In addition, I have quite a few gravid Nephrurus(wheeleri, levis and milli so far). My jungle carpet python is gravid. On the invert side of things I also have a few more spiders that may be gravid(Lampropelma violaceopes, Ceratogyrus brachycephalus and Pterinochilus murinus). It is looking to be a diverse reproductive year.

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