Green Tree Pythons(Morelia viridis)

The following pics of Green Tree Pythons are a sample of what I sold in 2015. These were all farm bred animals that had been with me anywhere from 6 months to a year. Inventory is constantly changing so please inquire on availability.

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Scrub Pythons(Morelia amethistina)

Stock is constantly changing so please inquire. This is our current inventory as of September 2016. We have different localities as well as some aberrant animals in this large group. It is very rare to be able to offer such a large amount of babies but DM Exotics has been heading back and forth to Indonesia and putting in the time and effort to make this happen. Prices vary…


Solomon Island Ground Boas(Candoia carinata paulsoni)-small

A brand new group of Candoia imported directly from the Solomon Islands by me.  These have not been imported in 8-9 years.  Numbers are limited so get them while you can.  No lone males sold without at least one female.

Pricing: SOLD OUT

Solomon Island Ground Boas(Candoia carinata paulsoni)-large

This is a recently imported group of Candoia carinata paulsoni. There are some screamers in this bunch of adults. These come in with a dirty, dusty appearance and the true beauty of what lies underneath doesn’t show itself until the first shed in captivity. These animals live on a forest floor covered in leaf litter and the leaves leech tannins into their skin which mutes the color. Post shed they absolutely pop with color and they stay beautiful from there on out. These are not established and haven’t shed so you must use your imagination when perusing the images searching for colors, possible gravids or what the hobby calls “Isabels”. Actually these were all collected from Isabel, not GuadalCanal like some of the others floating around out there. Pricing and description can be found for each animal in the photo comments. I am unable to sell lone males. Shipping quotes available but remember these are not little snakes.

Pricing: SOLD OUT

Solomon Island Tree Boas(Candoia bibroni australis)

These are Candoia bibroni australis, an arboreal boa from the Solomon Islands that has not been around for a while. They are polymorphic and as you can see come in many different colors and patterns. They also change tones drastically on an almost daily basis. These are NOT established yet as they only arrived a little over one week ago but some have already taken rat pinks and various sized small mice. They are very docile…just hard to photograph. I am going to keep the pricing as simple as possible. No lone females will be sold without at least one male(and it is said breeding is actually better with a higher ratio of males so I can offer reverse trios until numbers start to become offset). SOLD OUT

Viper Boa(Candoia aspera)

Field collected Viper Boas just don’t appear on the market as often as they used to.  I will generally take anything that is available so I never know if I am to expect babies or adults but there are some colored specimens that appear from time to time. Inquire…


Yellowtail Cribos(Drymarchon corais corais)

This is likely the largest species in the genus and hails from Central and South America. These are still imported in limited numbers but my pair is captive bred. 2016 babies almost sold out. Inquire…

Purple Spotted Kukri Snakes(Oligodon purpurescens)

This snake is rarely imported although they do very well in captivity. They will readily take pinky to fuzzy size mice. Their max length seems to be about 3′. The substrate needs to be light enough to allow for burrowing as they do seem to rearrange their cage floor often. For the most part, they don’t seem to readily bite unless restrained or threatened. Caution must be taken as they are rear-fanged snakes. SOLD OUT

Green Cat Snake(Boiga cyanea)

A very slender bodied, arboreal colubrid from SouthEast Asia. This beautiful snake starts out bright orange with a green head and slowly turns completely green and occasionally shows some blue coloration. These snakes generally take rodents readily but may take some scenting out of the egg to get started. My pair is captive bred and I am expecting just a few more babies for 2016. Inquire…

White-Spotted Cat Snake(Boiga drapiezii)

A very slender bodied, arboreal colubrid. Do well in captivity provided you have a good supply of lizards(gecko or anole). May take rodents or birds but most I have worked with preferred lizards…Another rarity to find on the market. Can reach 9ft but in looking at these slender snakes, you would never guess their true length until stretched out. Caution must be taken as they are rear-fanged snakes. SOLD OUT

Mangrove Cat Snake(Boiga dendrophila)

Generally one of the bulkier species of Boiga. A truly striking combination of jet black and intense yellow (or white banding on the Indo specimens sometimes). During the day often times these snakes are placid but can turn aggressive at night as they are nocturnal. Most of the time these will take rodents or switch to them over time. Can reach 8ft but 6ft-7ft is common. Caution must be taken as they are rear-fanged snakes. Boiga dendrophila melanota available now from Malaysia.

Black-headed Cat Snake(Boiga nigriceps)

One of the flashier species of Boiga. Babies are bright orange with green heads. They look exactly like Boiga cyanea, however nigriceps will retain their orange and their green heads will darken with age to a very dark green, almost black color. They have proven to be very calm when handled and will readily take rodents in captivity. They reach about 6ft as adults but 4ft-5ft is the most common. Caution must be taken as they are rear-fanged snakes. Inquire…

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  1. I’ve been searching for about a year now for a decent female Viper Boa. Finally I have found an amazing one. I am highly interested in Female #1. If you can please get back to me and let me know how and when we can make this happen, I’d be very grateful. Thank you.

    Ryan McBride

    • What you are looking at are Solomon Island Ground Boas(Candoia carinata paulsoni), but those animals are available at this time. You can message me back at Thanks, Dan.

  2. i was wondering what is the price of a red tail green rat snake but been looking the red phase red tail only ever seen one. and it was not for sale to be these are the the coolest looking rat snakes on the planet but very hard to find. i also like the unknown reptiles.

    • Hello Willie. I only agree to take Gonyosoma when there are babies available. They can be a little tricky to establish sometimes but overall they do ok. The “red phase” is actually more of an orange color, at least the ones that I have received. The greens are the most common obviously, the gray ones and orange ones I see with some regularity. I usually charge around $75-$100 for animals that are feeding and much less for fresh arrivals where you do the work yourself. Thanks for the interest, Dan

      • when you get a orange one in let me know my old lady will probaly kill me but it is one of my dream snakes. i have 17 snakes right now. 2 that is wild caught here in nc a green rat snake and a black rat snake. was surprised how they readly ate frozen and are friendly that shocked me. now i am on the hunt for a wild hognose looking forward to that find.

        • Hi Dan I want to buy if you have them Red tailed green rat snake – Mangrove cat snake (Boiga dendrophila) Black – headed cat snake (Boiga nigriceps) I follow you on YouTube you’re awesome brother thank you for educating .

          • Thank you for your inquiry. I was out of the country for one month but I am now back and trying to catch up on emails. I have limited availability of all three of those species. They will be at the Reptile Super Show in two weeks.

  3. oh yeah by the way love your tv show, and great collection and info ty for what you do.

  4. Dan keep up the great work you have absolutely spectacular animals that all look like there in pristine condition. im very interested in a pair of sorong type wc scrubs if you have any available please let me know

    • Thanks for the inquiry. I do not have any right this moment but that could change at any time. Scrub pythons are not available in large numbers so it has always been a little difficult to obtain 1.1 pairs….never know.

  5. Hi!! First off I would like to tell you what a huge fan of your videos and animals I am!! Such beautiful creatures and its super evident how much you love what you do! I am very very interested in a viper boa (male if possible) and a Green Cat Snake(Boiga cyanea). Any info for prices and availability is greatly appreciated.

    • I am no longer working with Boiga cyanea. I have a trio of adults headed to the Reptile Super Show in Pomona, Ca in two weeks. I just had a litter of babies but they are barely over a week old. I may be selling them as a group prior to feeding…undecided at this time.

    • Thanks for your inquiry and glad that you are enjoying my occasional YT video. I am sold out of YT Cribos from 2016 but have started a waiting list for next year.

      • Thank you. Can you please put me on your 2017 YT Cribo waiting list ? Also availability timeframe and cost? Much appreciated Dan!

  6. Hey mate,

    Love watching your channel.

    Just looking for some 100% Albino Olive Pythons. Do you keep them or know anyone that does?

    Thank you for your time.


    • Sorry, I do not work with those. Check the various classified pages on the internet and on social media. I have seen some posted recently. Thanks

  7. Hello,
    I saw your video on White Lipped Pythons. Would you be making the southern locality available or are they part of your personal collection?

    • Thank you for your inquiry. I am hoping for some more perhaps in February/March shortly after the 2017 CITES quota goes into effect and new permits start issuing.

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