Scrub Pythons (Morelia amethistina) Over the years I have worked with many of the amethystine complex but the “Bar-necks” are my favorite. I have hatched a few clutches of these. Typically adults are cage aggressive but are fine once removed with a hook. These snakes can get quite large. They command respect and should only […]


Western “Mandarin” Madagascar Tree Boas (Sanzinia madagascariensis volontony) This is a very unique arboreal that seems to be very easy to care for. Personally, I like to see these on display rather than hidden away in a tub or rack somewhere. They are very docile and can be handled. They are not like some of […]


Tiger Rat Snakes (Spilotes pullatus pullatus) This project began in 1999 when I was chatting with Rich Ihle at a local reptile show. Somehow Spilotes came up in conversation and he mentioned he had a nice pair but not with him. I purchased them completely sight unseen and it all started from there. They were […]