This life-long fascination with snakes has continually evolved over the years.  As it became apparent that I needed to establish myself in the reptile marketplace, so came the addition of a website.  With 30 years of experience in keeping reptiles, I have bred quite a few different types of boas, pythons, colubrids and lizards.  It is unbelievable how exciting it still is to see babies being born or hatching from eggs right in front of my face.  I still do not view captive animals in dollar signs and still appreciate them for what they are.  The more unique or difficult species are, those are the most rewarding to me and I find my collection reflecting that challenge more and more throughout the years.  I try to use experience and a trained eye as fundamentals for being successful, but many times it just seems like fate or luck controls my success.

In 2008 I became a licensed importer.  I figured with all of the world-traveling I had done, I had made quite a few contacts over the years and this could be a viable way to get my hands on some really unique specimens.  Of course, with just about everything I do, I wanted to be different.

While I was frustrated with competing with the general public for the rare and hard to find animals that someone else was importing, I realized I also did not want to be one of the handful of regular importers that simply got in the same stock as everyone else at the exact same time and brought it all to market.  This forced me to not deal with the regular exporters that everyone else went to.  It was obvious to me that a new guy would get far less priority with availability.  Therefore, I jumped on a plane and went directly to the sources.  From jungle collectors to some pretty serious players, I was where I could get animals before they were sold to the exporters.  There were good deals and bad, but honestly, I grew tired of the loss of life.  The delays, the games and eventually considering my own safety, I decided to back off for a while.

Since my first venture into the world of importing, I have made a number of new contacts.  Individuals that are reliable and minimize losses commonly caused by mis-handling.  Not only have business relations grown, but so have personal friendships with my suppliers overseas.  Visiting them is actually something I look forward to now and the honesty and sincerity involved has allowed me to see and do things I never thought would have been possible.  There are a lot of things on the table at this point….

My current collection has recently moved into some new directions.  There are plenty of snake projects but now a good portion of my efforts are concentrated on tropical colubrids.  In addition, with lots of new animals coming in I try to keep and maintain all of them so not only I can understand their husbandry but be able to pass along the knowledge I am gaining from first hand experience.  This basically means at any given time I may have amphibians, inverts, agamids and anything else on hand in my care.  Here, attention to detail is key, ensuring that you receive healthy, mite free animals that will thrive for you as they have done for me.

Walking in another man’s tracks leaves no footprints and I am trying my hardest to leave my mark in herpetoculture.

Enjoy the site!

Dan Mulleary